Trouble in the Reikland

Session 1 - 15/01/2017

Recruited and on a mission

The Red Moon Inn – 24th Ploughtide 2521

Vern Hendrick, manservant of Lord Rickard von Aschaffenberg, placed a proclamation in Ubersreik town square looking for staff. Five respond and meet the grumpy manservant at the Red Moon Inn, East Dockside. Two Elves, a Dwarf and two Reiklanders learn that the task is to help his Lord move into the Grunewald Lodge in the Reikswald Forests north west of Ubersreik. This is the cover story anyways.

The real mission, which the five are to investigate, is why the existing household staff seem lazy, uncaring and almost rebellious. They are to be paid six schillings a day. Also mentioned is that the lodge was recently attacked by a band of Beastmen. Vern Hendrick picked up a wound on his left hand in this attack.

The five, hence forth known as the Servants of Justice (SoJ) are composed of –

  • Riann – High Elven Envoy
  • Vinador – High Elven Sword Master
  • Leif – Dwarven Hunter
  • Knolaan – Reiklander Road Warden
  • Ginny – Reiklander… umm no one is quite sure what.

The SoJ are to be transported to the lodge the next day and are paid in advance. Their room and board is paid for, but the elves decline and return to the embassy, muttering about proper food and wine.


To the Lodge – 25th Ploughtide 2521

The day dawns and all gather outside the inn and climb aboard a wagon loaded with crates and trunks. Vern Hendrick and the driver, introduced as Heiko are seated at the front. The day is warm, the weather clear and bright.

The journey is boring and uncomfortable. The wagon heads north on the Boganhaffen road. Vern Hendrick moaning: about the staff; the Lodge; its location and the Beastmen. Knolaan recounts to the SoJ what he recalls about the lodge:

  • It is owned by the von Bruner family, though its recently been given to their employer as a wedding present.
  • Five years ago, some form of scandal involving a member of the von Bruner family occurred and whomever it was moved to the lodge in disgrace.
  • About a year ago, this individual disappeared from the lodge, circumstances unknown.
  • Lord Rickard von Aschaffenberg, is an up and coming noble. His marriage into the von Bruner family will bring him great wealth and status.

After leaving the village of Geissbach the wagon leaves the road, onto a trail that heads straight into the forest. Soon the trees over shadow the trail, the light diminishes and the air becomes heavy with tension.

The natural sound of the forest birds and animals disappear, the feeling of being watch prevails. Knolaan and Leif both see movement in the forest. Movement of something large. The wagon is being followed on both sides of the trail.

As the wagon enters a clearing, the crumbling stonewalls of the lodge come into view. Suddenly rising out of the long grass, dashing from the forest are eight Ungor Beastmen, led by a large full horned Gor. They rush towards the wagon. The Gor bellows its challenge as the wagon picks up speed towards the gate of the lodge.

Leif fires his already loaded crossbow, the shot is true, an Ungor collapses with a bolt in its eye. The string of the crossbow snaps though, Leif changes to his hand axe. Riann fires her crossbow scoring  a hit too. The powerful bolt piercing an Ungor in the throat. Knolaan observes that the Ungors seem vulnerable to head shots. He is a genius afterall.

Vinador is pulled from the wagon by four of the Ungors and thrown to the floor and is wounded. The Gor jumps upon the wagon and savagely strikes Riann with his spear. Vinador regains his footing, unfurls his greatsword and swiftly dispatches two of his assailants. Knolaan slips amongst the crates as he tries to use his hammer on the Gor. Leif jumps off the wagon, then proceeds to smashes an Ungor with his hammer. Ginny stealthily get behind the Gor then drives her dagger into its back.

The Gor falls, the rest of the Beastmen break for the forest…

Vern Hendrick demands that the gates be open before they are assailed again. The gate is opened and the wagon enters the forecourt of the lodge and heads towards the stables…



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